Cinnamon Candy Cane Bread

 Hello beauties!

I haven't really done much today. I had LOADS of homework to do but I didn't do any of it wey hey!
Well, actually, I suppose you could count this as homework. 

For my food technology class, we are making bread. We had to make a special occasion bread, and since Christmas is coming up, I made candy cane bread! It's just basically cinnamon swirl bread. 

This was my first ever time baking bread, and I'm so so happy at the way it turned out. Just imagine the smell of cinnamon filling your house. That's what my house smells like right now. I'm in heaven. 

I was actually going to make it red and white like a real candy cane but I couldn't be bothered. I KNOW I'm a lazy piece of poo. 

I actually really like this site, it's got loads of really nice recipes. 

But basically what I did was when it says to split the dough in half and do all the rolling stuff, well, I rolled them into thin sausages and then twisted them together. 

So yeah. My first attempt at baking bread. I have to make this at school again on Tuesday. But who cares. It's delicious. 

Speak soon!
Eden xx


  1. it looks delicious!:)


    1. If I may say so myself, it was haha
      Eden xx

  2. Omg that looks so good!
    Did you save me some?! Haha :P


  3. P.s. I definitely need to try this!

    1. Thanks so much! Its really easy :)
      Eden xx


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