Ear Piercings.....I Can't Get Enough

Hey you!
So basically, all of this year I've been obsessed with getting piercings. For my birthday last year I finally convinced my parents to let me get second piercings on my earlobes, but they won't let me get anymore!

I just think that ear piercings are so beautiful. There are loads that I want. 
I would love to get, on one ear, my thirds, then a cartilage piercing, plus three forward helix piercings, a tragus piercing and one on the inside bit of the ear. Kind of similar to the second photo. 
And then on the other ear I just want my thirds. 

And regarding other bodily piercings, I really want a bellybutton piercing (once I'm fit enough), a nose ring, possibly a  lip piercing (idk though, I mean if I have a nose piercing I don't know whether having a lip piercing as well would work) and a piercing on the back of my neck. Maybe a tongue piercing.

But seriously, don't tell me that these photos aren't gorgeous. Sadly, though, piercings are so expensive! I need to get a job. And convince my parents to let me get them. 

But yeah. What piercings do you guys want? I'm super curious to find out about new ones. 

Love, Eden 


  1. The only piercings I would want would be a cartilage, nose, and belly! :D


    1. I really want so many. But i don't have the money :(
      Eden xx

    2. Aww it's ok. I don't have money either so don't feel bad lol

  2. I have my doubles one cartilage and my belly done so far with so many more on my list! Sadly I have to wait until college so my parents don't kill me :(

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