The Christmas Spirit Tag

Hey there!

So it's Christmas Eve, and to be honest, I'm not feeling as Christmassy as I have in previous years. 

I was tagged by the gorgeous Sheridan from Sheridankate to do the Christmas Spirit tag (created by maiyamac), and I guess it's come at perfect timing!

It's a very simple tag, just to spread Christmas cheer!

Here are the "instructions"

1. Put a post on your blog with the tag picture (above), and link to my blog and a link to the blog that tagged you.

2. Tag more people, to get them into the christmas spirit!

I tag


Eden xx


  1. Ooh! Thanks for tagging me. I don't often get tagged in things so I really appreciate it.
    I'm sorry but I can't do the tag today as today is my birthday and so I'm in the middle of doing a Birthday post :D
    I'll do it sometime this week though!
    Merry Christmas!
    Holly x

  2. Lol welcome to the club, I haven't been feeling Christmas-y this year either :P
    Thank you for tagging me! :D

    Merry Christmas!!


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