The Full Collection.........Well Almost (Not Really)


It's official. I love Fall Out Boy. I'm so glad that they came back when they did, or I might not have discovered the gem that is their music. 

Since they came back, whenever it was, I have made it my personal mission to buy every single one of their albums. So far, I have four. Which I think is pretty good seeing as I never have any money. 

I've got:
From Under The Cork Tree
Infinity on High
Folie a Deux
Save Rock and Roll

and I need:
Take This To Your Grave
Believers Never Die
Live in Phoenix
Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

But I've decided that I don't need Believers Never Die, because it's a greatest hits album, and I haven't really decided about the Live album. It's a DVD as well, but I hate live albums.
Oh what a dilemma.

I don't know what I'm going to fill my shopping time with once I've got them all though. I'll have to find a new band. Panic! At the Disco might be a good one. Who knows. Any recommndations?

I think my favourite of these albums is Save Rock and Roll, but that's more pop than punk, so my favourite of the others has to be Folie a Deux. I got that recently so I might do a review. 

Anyway, which is your fave Fall Out Boy album?
Love you lots!

Eden xx


  1. I'm not a big fan of fall out boy tbh i'm more of and R&B girl myself but i do listen to other genres of music now and again, THE 1975 are actually quite good i like there song 'girls' ! x

    Jess x


    1. I LOVE the 1975! I really hope I get their album for Christmas.
      Eden xx

  2. Loving your blog hun... just followed you :) please have a look at my blog and follow back.. i would appreciate it :) xxx

    1. Of course! And thank you so much! x
      Eden xx

  3. Fall out boy are one of my all time favourite bands and im going to see them next year in concert for the first time so im super excited for that. Panic at the disco are also really good so I highly recommend listening to them, interesting post:)

    1. Aw, you're so lucky! I wanted to get tickets, but I found out about it too late. I've just got patd's new album as well, so I'm looking forward to that!
      Eden xx

  4. great blog post :)
    check my blog out you might like it =)


  5. From Under the Cork Tree will forever be my favourite because it just brings me back to 2005 and being an angsty 12 year old, haha (did you know they named it that so it could be abbreviated to FUCT, how clever!)

    Glad you've finally discovered FOB! Please do check out Panic! as well, I've seen both bands live and they are both wonderful :) Panic! At The Disco are one of my favourite bands of all time!

    Lovely blog by the way, I'm a new follower


    1. I'm so happy because my friend bought me the new Panic! album, which I absolutely love. You're so lucky to have seen them live! I really really REALLY want to go!
      And thank you so much!
      Eden xx

  6. oh those times when me and my friends can't get enough of FOB!

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