Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you beautiful people reading this!

So 2013 has left us and we have been greeted by what promises to be a great year. It is the first blank page in a completely new book. And it is yours to write. 

I guess that is the concept for New Year's resolutions. I do them every year, and I write them up on a little piece of paper and stick it up on my wall so I don't forget what they are. And I thought I would share them with you today!

  1. Get fit: This, to me, means that I'm going to do exercises every day, for at least half an hour. I'm going to eat clean, and vary my workouts. I don't plan to build up muscle so I need to mix it up, with strength training and cardio
  2. Procrastinate Less: I've noticed that in 2013 I always left my revision and my homework until the last minute, meaning that my work wasn't completed to it's highest standard. And I want that to change. So I'm going to do my work as soon as I get home from school so that it's done and I can then do whatever I want
  3. Spend More Time With My Family: Ever since I got a laptop for Christmas 2012, I've been spending a lot of time up in my room on the Internet (mainly tumblr) and that means that I don't spend much time with my parents. So if I spend less time on the computer, it adds up to more family time. I also plan to visit my grandparents every week at least, because it has dawned on me that I'm extremely lucky to have three grandparents still alive. When my dad was growing up, he didn't have any grandparents. 
  4. Care less about what other people think of me: This one speaks for itself really. I just want to enjoy my life instead of worrying what other people think of me all the time. Life is short, and I want to be able to live it to it's full potential. 
If I'm honest, I have tons of other resolutions, but these are the most important to me. I might share some of my "creativity" resolutions with you later. 

But anyway, what are your resolutions?

Love you all lots, and remember: 2014 is a blank book; it's up to you to make it a good one.

Eden xx


  1. I love these resolutions, they're realistic and are good for yourself :) x


  2. I love these resolutions, mine are basically the exact same! :)
    Especially to procrastinate less and work out more!


    1. Aw, I think they are pretty popular resolutions, those two! xxx


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