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You may be surprised to hear that this is my first Essie nail polish. I've always looked at them lustfully, but never managed to cough up the cash. I'd heard the hype, but never really believed it. But I do now!

This is an absolutely gorgeous pink. It's not particularly opaque, it took me three coats to get it looking like this, but I think it creates a nice effect. If you have quite long nails, I think it would look great with a sheer look, as it looks slightly ombre. 

The colour slides on so smoothly, and the brush is the perfect size, so it only took about two strokes to cover my entire nail! I think I might just have to buy more Essie polishes. I feel a bit of an addiction coming on!

Eden xx

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  1. This is a beautiful pink! So trendy for this Spring <3


  2. Omg I love that color on my nails. You know, like the sheer pink ahh it's beautiful...I may be getting too excited about nail polish haha. Its just so simple and girly. I love it.
    I also love your new header :)

    ☼ Radiance

    1. It's just lovely! And thank you! I didn't think anyone would notice! x

  3. Replies
    1. I would say that's the only downside! x

  4. I love the colour! I've never bought a essie nail polish either - they just seem so expensive! I do really want to try one though, because all the reviews are so positive xx


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