HOW TO: Add a Signature to Your Posts on Blogger

Following the success of my last blogging tips post, I thought I'd have another installment of the feature! So this time I'll be showing you how to add a signature to your posts (just in case you didn't read the picture)

Again, this is something I wish I'd known when I first started blogging, as it makes life so much easier. It's so annoying having to type out your signature at the end of each post, or having to upload your image each time, or having to link everything every single time. But what I didn't know was that Blogger offers a feature which means you don't have to do that!

The first step is to write out your signature in a new post. You don't have to publish it, just link everything you need, and then head on over to the HTML.

Then just go ahead and copy the HTML. Make sure it's on a blank post, to avoid any unwanted bits and pieces.

Next, go onto your Blogger home page and click on settings, and underneath that, Posts and Comments

You see that circled bit there, labelled Post Template? All you need to do now is to paste your HTML code into this box, save it, and you're all set and ready to go!

If your signature is an image, it's still as easy as pie! First, you'll need to make an account on Photobucket. Don't worry, I use this site, it's completely free and you can put your images on private, which is what I do.

And then upload your image, by clicking the upload button!

The next step is to view your image, and on the side you'll see a box with all of the codes for your image. Click to copy the HTML code. 

It'll copy as soon as you click it, and then all you need to do is head on over to Settings, and then Post and Comments, on your Blogger home page, as I said before, and paste it in there!

And you're done! 
I hope this post helped you and happy blogging!

Eden xx

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  1. Yay Thanks for making this post, I now know how to add one's signature to a blog post :)



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