Insurgent by Veronica Roth // book review

Title: Insurgent
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent Series Book 2
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
Genres: YA, Dystopian, Suspense
Source: Bought
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One choice can transform you—or it can destroy you. But every choice has consequences, and as unrest surges in the factions all around her, Tris Prior must continue trying to save those she loves—and herself—while grappling with haunting questions of grief and forgiveness, identity and loyalty, politics and love.

Tris's initiation day should have been marked by celebration and victory with her chosen faction; instead, the day ended with unspeakable horrors. War now looms as conflict between the factions and their ideologies grows. And in times of war, sides must be chosen, secrets will emerge, and choices will become even more irrevocable—and even more powerful. Transformed by her own decisions but also by haunting grief and guilt, radical new discoveries, and shifting relationships, Tris must fully embrace her Divergence, even if she does not know what she may lose by doing so. [via goodreads]

This book once again centres around Tris, and her Divergence. Following the battles of the last book, the story begins almost immediately after the last one ended. Tris and Tobias, together, must figure out the reasons for the deadly simulations which are ruining their city. They must find and destroy all data which can be used against them, however it's not as easy as it seems.

This book is full of action, suspense and thrilling moments, but still, I didn't feel truly fulfilled until the end of the book. I'm going to compare this book to Catching Fire of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Once again, it had a lot of "politics" which is not my style, but still, it has that degree of suspense which meant I could not stop reading it.

In this book, Tris finally comes to terms with why her divergence is dangerous. Divergent people of all factions are immune to the simulations. Which means that they cannot be controlled. We learn a lot more about the characters in this book. Tris and Tobias' relationship strengthens and weakens, and with a couple like that, you just DON'T want them to break up. I was holding my breath at every word they said to each other, as the author manages to portray their "issues" really clearly and in a way which made you want to thump Tris for doing what she was doing and thump Tobias for making judgements.
We also get to see more sides of Tris' friends including Uriah, Marlene, Lynn and Christina. All of these characters are so perfectly developed and written, it just makes you feel as if you are friends with them.
We also see some unexpected alliances in this book. I won't say too much, because spoilers, but there are some which you know just won't work.

Like I said before, this book was fairly politics-based, and at times, I had trouble following what was going on. Saying that, though, the ending for this book was perfect. The suspense of whether or not Tris was going to destroy the data made my heart pound in my chest. And the very end oh my gosh THE END. I literally gasped out loud.

Overall, Insurgent was a book that I enjoyed for the most part. It's full of suspense, thrill and action, and kept me reading up until the very last page. I do admit that I found the occasional chapter a bit boring but on the whole, I thouroghly enjoyed it, and I definitely recommend reading it.

Eden xx

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  1. I read Insurgent in 2 days, it was quite a whirlwind. I actually wanted Tris and Tobias to break up because ti would have created a more interesting story line! Great review! :D

    Cathy // helllo, CATHY

    1. thank you! I just think they are meant for each other, yaknow? x

  2. I LOVE your blog! Your photo's always look great, what camera do you use?
    Beth x


    1. Thank you so much! I don't actually know what camera it is, it's my dad's old Canon something or other!

  3. i read the first book but haven't gotten around to reading the second, i'll have to do that soon!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  4. Havent read the first of this series but this review makes me want to give it a try! xox


  5. I love dystopian novels, I'll have to check it out :)



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