GHD Thermal Protector heat protection spray // review

If you are frequently straightening or using heat on your hair, it's definitely useful to invest in a heat protection spray, to stop the heat from ruining your hair. Me, I straighten my hair every week, so I literally HAVE to use one to stop my hair from being singed off. 
Sadly, due to the constant straightening, my hair is very dry and I have a lot of split ends, but I've recently been trying to limit the amount of heat I use on my hair to get it into a better quality. 

So today, I'm going to review the heat protection spray I use. I use the GHD one because I have GHD straighteners, so I thought it would be fitting. To use it, you need to spray it onto each section of hair before straightening, or drying, or using heat of any kind. 

The reason I like this is because it adds a lot of moisture into my dry hair. It's bound to be dry anyway, but when I use this, at least it doesn't look as dry as it is. It seems to do it's job, as protecting my hair from heat damage, but it's hard to tell really, with my ever present split ends. By the way, does anyone know a good remedy for that, without having to cut all my hair off?

The thing that I don't like about this is along with the added moisture comes a horrible residue. It just makes my hair feel really greasy. I suppose the way to combat this is to use less, but so much product comes out with each spray, the only thing I could do is use bigger sections when I straighten my hair, which isn't going to happen. I like a straight straighten you know?

Overall, however, I do like this product, it's got a really nice smell as well, but I think next time, I'm going to try another heat protection. What do you recommend?

Eden xx

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  1. Great review! I know L'Oreal do some great products x

  2. Thanks for the great review! I've been using the TRESemme one, but I find that it doesn't really do much apart from making my hair smell good, even if my mom swears by it. Oh well, different strokes for different folks i guess! I'll be sure to give this product a try. xo

    Yana from

  3. I didn't particularly like this spray it made my hair so sticky, like you said though its got a really nice smell X


  4. Thanks for this review! I'm almost done with my heat protection spray and this looks like a good product to try :)
    I would love it if we stay in touch via bloglovin and gfc! Let me know what you think on my blog lovely!

    La Celestials

  5. Thankyou for your comment on our blog! :) Holly xx

  6. I am looking for a new heat protection too. I tried the Lee Stafford one and I didn't like the smell at all!
    I can't wait to see your music reviews!
    - Georgia Rose x

  7. I think I've used something similar from GHD but I came back to my trusty TRESemme :)


  8. I will have to check this out as I have been looking for a new heat protection spray! Would you like to follow each other via Blogger and Bloglovin? If you follow me I will follow straight back!
    paige xx
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