Big Weekend 2k14 : What I Would Wear

Big Weekend 2k14
top :quiz // jeans: river island // headband : topshop // sunglasses : forever 21 // shoes : office // bag : motel
Oh, how much I wish I was at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow right now. The line up is amazing. One Direction, Coldplay, Pharrell, Bastille, Rita Ora, this is the best line up they've ever had. But I guess I just have to be content with listening to it on the radio and planning what outfit I would wear if I was there. 

To be honest, it doesn't look like the summeriest day out in Glasgow, so I wouldn't be wearing shorts. So why wouldn't you take up the chance to whip out the mom jeans? I don't even own a pair, but they are next up on my to buy list. And jelly shoes. They are just the cutest things, and perfect for festivals. Although I'm not too sure about the white ones, they might get a bit dirty.

You know, you just can't go to a festie without showing a bit of skin, and florals are SO in right now, so what choice did I have? And, I mean, that headband is so boho and just screams festival culture. And just where would we be without our shaped sunglasses and rucksacks. 

This is what I would wear to Big Weekend (if I were going, which I'm not) but actually, it would work for any of those festies where it's not Coachella weather. 

What are your festival staples?

Eden xx

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  1. I SO wish I was there! x

    1. I know, how amazing did it look!

  2. Love the headband!

    1. me too. I love that kind of jewelery at the moment x

  3. I didn't know they had a bag in that pattern! now I have to add that to my list of threads I can't afford... whoops.

    Fractured Fashion

    1. haha! It's such a gorgeous and sort of abstract pattern! x


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