FASHION: Socks of the Season

As we all know already, socks are a massive trend for summer 2014. Not only socks, but frilly socks. And no one is loving them as much as me. 
There are endless style opportunities with these gorgeous socks, from rocking the grunge - gone -girlie look with the frills poking out from the top of some chunky ankle boots, or going festival style and teaming them with a pair of white converse (often called the uggs of summer)

But another thing that made these socks oh so totally irresistable to me is the price tag. These cuties from Topshop are only 3 for £8, which is a bargain, seeing as I'm getting unbelievable wear from them! To be totally honest, a lot of my upcoming outfit posts feature them.

I've obviously got mien in grey, white and purple. I chose grey and white because they are colours that will go with anything. Staples, one might say. I did actually want a pair in pink, but when I got to the shop, they were all out of pink, so I went for purple instead. Which I'm not regretting.

I literally love these socks. You can buy them from Primark and New Look also, for super great prices as well.

How would you style socks like these?

Eden xx

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  1. Aw I love these frilly socks! They look soooo cute, and I'm really considering getting some but I don't really know what to wear them with!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. really like these x

  3. Cute socks! I always love some frill too :)
    Would you want to keep in touch via bloglovin and GFC? Let me know what you think on my blog lovely! <3

    La Celestials

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