BEAUTY: My Back to School Essentials

Hey everyone! So as I go back to school tomorrow, I thought I would share with you my back to school beauty essentials. I tend not to wear much makeup to school, none, if I can get away with it. But most of the time, I look a disgrace in the morning. So I put on as little as I  can. In the morning, I'll put on moisturiser with a little bit of foundation mixed in, which clears up my skin and usually lasts the day. The rest, I often have to top up at school.

The first thing in my "beauty bag" is this Natural Collection mascara (£1.99). I normally put on my nice mascara in the morning (presuming I have time) and I just use this cheaper one for top ups at school. However, although it is cheaper, it isn't bad quality. I wouldn't use it as my main mascara, but it is absolutely perfect for later in the day.

Next is my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection powder.(£4.19) I have oily skin, so when I go to school, it's a given that my skin is going to go shiny at one point or another. I really need to invest in a better moisturizer (any suggestions?) So I carry this with me for daily top ups on powder, which absorbs the oil, and the shine. It looks all worn because it's actually the same one I bought at the end of last year, I thought, let's not waste it. I don't splurge on school makeup.

Another essential in my school bag is a baby lips (£2.99). No one wants dry lips. And talking all day (that says a lot about my learning experience doesn't it) can really dry out your lips. So I have this. And for such great value, how could I not want it! I know it's super boring, but this one is my favourite, because I'm not necessarily much of a lip colour person (yet) and this one also smells gorgeous! It's perfect for school!

Another thing I take to school with me are these nail polish remover pads, mainly because my school is super strict on the fact that you aren't allowed nail polish AT ALL and I'm always caught out after the weekend. 

I literally live for hand sanitiser. I'm a self confessed germ phobe, and I make sure that this is with me at all times for after using the toilets and before eating. I also keep a hand cream for after that (everyone wants soft hands) but that's kept in my blazer for instant access. I use this Wilkinsons one because it was 45p which is a MEGA BARGAIN and to be honest, they all do the same thing. Although I do love the Soap & Glory one. But that I use for my handbag. 

And the last thing you can spot in there is some hairbands. For obvious reasons. 

So there you have it - my school beauty bag. I don't take much to school if I'm honest, maybe because I go to an all girls school and I have no boys to impress. Ah well. At least I'm saving money. 

What do you take in your school beauty bag?

Eden xx

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ps - sorry about these awful pictures, for some reason, my editing didn't work


  1. Great post! I need to buy some more make-up!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)
    The post with all the info is on my blog!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Holly x


  2. I can't believe you're not allowed to wear nail varnish! x

  3. Your photos are not awful! I remember I couldn't live without lip gloss when I was at school :)


  4. Thanks for these beauty recs!! Love your blog xx


  5. I highly recommend Clinique moisturizer. It gives my skin a dewy feel and look, without making me breakout, or any of that nasty stuff! They have it for three skin types, (combo, oily, and dry) and it can cost a pretty penny, but is totally worth it since it lastS FOREVER.

  6. hey! I really like your blog and I was wondering if you would check out mine! http://awkwardblog15.blogspot.co.uk/ Thank you :) x


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