Library of Fragrance - Sex on the Beach*

The Library of Fragrance are relatively new to the UK but they stem from the long-lved Demeter Fragrance library in America. There are 101 scents to choose from, which is a lot. I had such a hard time choosing. There are some fairly........... interesting scents, like grass and baby powder. I suppose they could be quite nice, but I like a fruity, sweet, or floral scent. Musky is good sometimes, but sweet is a yes for me. That's why I went for a fairly normal flavour. I say normal, but it's such a unique scent. I chose Sex on the Beach*

The bottle is very cute - simple yes, and though I do like a nice bit of decoration, I think sometimes simple is best. It fits in with any room design as well, so you don't have to worry about your perfume collection clashing with your wall colour. When I first smelt this, I was very overwhelmed by how fruity it was. Like, it's really fruity. And sweet. I get the impression that if it were summer, I would be chased around by bees trying to pollinate me. I love it, I really do. It's fun, its sweet, its cute, it's everything I love.

The perfume itself has a reasonable staying time - it doesn't last ALL day, but lasts long enough that everyone who matters can smell it. Like, it would be ideal to carry a bottle in your handbag for a top up about midway through the day, but that's not economical and it also isn't completely necessary. Which isn't necessarily an ideal, but isn't bad either.
I adore the smell. It's so unique and gorgeous and what more can I say?

For only £15, you'd be silly not to get this, and especially as Christmas is coming up, perfect for mum? I think so. I'm definitely putting some of these on my Christmas list, but I don't think I'm brave enough to go for any of the ... different scents yet!

Have you got any of these fragrances? Which one would you like to try?

Eden xx

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  1. Oooh I'd love to try these! I wonder if they have the smell of book pages? I wish I could have a bottle of that! x The Caramel Cat

  2. Sounds like a lovely scent, I do love the simpleness of the bottle :)

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  3. This sounds like such a great scent never heard of this before but i am intrigued x
    Jess x

  4. You are a nice blogger I love your blog so much help for my blog http://www.guruofmovie.com

  5. Sounds like a lovely fragrance :)

    rae of love from berlin

  6. This seems like a lovely fragrance! Would love to get this! xx

    Jane | Colorful Closets

  7. i think i've seen in this in our local supermarket. might have to try and smell it!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  8. There are so many different scents to choose from. This sounds really nice - I'd like to try it out sometime! x x


  9. The library of fragrance has so many creative & amazing scents! Love this one! X

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter


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