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Happy new year everyone! I know I'm a bit late with this, but better late than never. I say this every year, but i really feel like 2015 is going to be a good year for me. New year new me, as they say. So I thought today I would share my new years resolutions with you, as I make them every single year. This year, I feel really motivated to stick to them. I have lots, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride.


  • Post more regularly - I feel as if throughout my time blogging, especially recently, I've been leaving large gaps between posts, and I don't want to do that any more. I've re designed my blog and everything in order to make myself more motivated to blog, and I've got notebooks etc for planning, so really I have no excuses. 
  • Do more lifestyle posts - I'm getting a bit bored with my blog being a mainly review blog. I mean, I do love writing reviews, but to be honest, I'm running out of things to review, which also might be another reason why I'm not posting very regularly, so I'm going to try and post about other things as well. 
  • Keep up with my social media habits - I'm so bad at regularly updating my social media accounts, and I really love getting to know other bloggers, which is the main reason why I have any social media at all. So my resolution is to post more on twitter and pinterest etc. 

  • Do my homework on the night that I get it - I always leave my homework to the last minute, and I just think that if I were to do it when I got it, I would have more free time at the weekends. I mean, it's not like I do anything after school anyway.
  • Revise - This is my GCSE year, so the most important year of my life so far, and I need to make sure that I revise properly. Not too hard, but the right amount. And I think that means revising little bits for a long time. My aim is to start revising after the February half term, not large amounts, just like a couple hours a week or something. 

  • Live a generally healthy lifestyle - I admit, I'm not a very healthy person. But I so desperately want to be. I see pictures of smoothie bowls and other healthy foods  on my Instagram feed, and I'm like 'I want to eat like that!' but I never do. But that's my goal. I'm going to start cooking for my family, so that as a whole, we can all be healthier. I know it's needed. And I'm going to exercise regularly, whether it be through running (my fav exercise) or at home workouts. We can't afford a gym membership at the moment, but I'll find a way. And my holiday during summer is my motivation for all of this. 
  • Try and see the best in people - It's really bad, but I'm a really negative person. I always find the bad things about people, which makes me dislike a lot of people. So what I aim to do is look for all the good things about people, and communicate that to them. There's nothing better than making someone feel good about themselves. 
  • Read more - When I was younger, I always used to be such an avid reader, I used to read every night before I went to bed. But now, I stay up too late and end up too tired to read before I go to bed. This year, not only do I want to get more and better sleep by going to bed earlier, I also want to take this time to read. I buy so many books seeing as I volunteer at a charity shop and am constantly faced with cheap books, so I want to read them. 
So those are my 2015 aims and resolutions, what are yours?

Eden xx
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  1. I'm with you for pretty much all these resolutions!! I want to blog more but then I'm always stuck over what to blog about! Anyway great post ^.^

    niamh / niamhsdream.blogspot.co.uk

    x x

    1. I'm the same! I really need to start using my blogging notebook, as I always get ideas and then forget them! x

  2. I really need to use my social medias more often as well, since I always just forget and end up being inactive for months...

    Happy New Year!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I'm exactly the same. And I wonder why I've got no followers ...... xx

  3. Good luck! I hope you achieve everything!

  4. My major resolutions this year are to be healthier, to be closer to God and to blog more. Good luck with yours. xx

    1. Lovely resolutions, good luck with them! xxx


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