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Recently I found out about this new extension/app for Google Chrome and I thought it was so amazing that I should share it with you guys.
Now, everyone wants to do their part for charity, be it fun runs or volunteering or cake sales, but what if you could raise money by doing nothing but browsing the internet? Well here you have it - Tab for a Cause.

((((I know this sounds like a sponsored post but I assure you it isn't, I just really love this idea.))))

Basically, the way this works is that every time you open a new tab, you gain a heart, and whenever you want, those hearts can be donated to charity in the form of money. It works because of the ads the place on the new tab page, which they get paid for. You can still keep your bookmarks, and you can even customise the home screen. I really think it's amazing. The picture above is of my Tab for a Cause screen. See how I have all of my bookmarks along with a clock? You can even have a calendar and a notes page and a search bar!

I honestly don't understand why anyone would NOT download it. It doesn't do anything bad to your computer (mine is completely fine) - all it does is use an extension to control the new tab page on chrome.

If you want to download it click here and you can easily raise money for charity from the comfort of your own home. I definitely think you should, as it's no hassle to you at all, just a few clicks!

Download Tab for a Cause
Visit the Tab for a Cause website

Have you downloaded it?

Eden xx

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  1. This is actually amazing, will definitely try downloading this!


  2. Such a good idea! x

  3. Hi, I've nominated you for the Liebster award! All details here > Liebster Award

  4. This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing: I've downloaded it and I will certainly pass the word about this app on! :)

    Cloudy Dreams


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