and everything nice

You might have seen this floating around the net recently, but this is a photoshoot called 'and everything nice' by Hannah Altman and it's such a striking collection of images, I couldn't help but share it with you.
In the photographers words:
"And Everything Nice" is an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty. The ongoing series consists of women in states of affliction; the body fluid of the models have been replaced with glitter to visualize the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of the actual situation."

It's definitely a prominent issue in society that girls should look attractive all the time. Magazines are constantly criticising female celebrities for doing anything without makeup, going to the shops in sweats. For some reason, headlines seem to be made calling this kind of behaviour "shocking" and I don't think that this gives a good mindset to girls and women who aren't celebrities. Women shouldn't have to be judged on their appearance ever. We should be able to do whatever we want looking however we want to. If we want to get dressed up to pop to the corner shop, then who says we shouldn't! If you want to go to Sainsbury's in your pajamas, go for it! The world shouldn't be telling you that you have to look attractive all the time. But unfortunately, that is what it's like at the moment. It needs to change. 

This media presents us women with unrealistic expectations of how we should look. Did anyone hear the story where Taylor Swift went jogging with a full face of makeup on? She shouldn't have to do that, yet she must, to avoid being bashed on social media for not looking "attractive" whilst she was doing physical exercise. It just doesn't make any sense to me. We rarely see images of women who are wearing no makeup getting praised. And we should. All women are beautiful and gorgeous all of the time. We need to start to love ourselves more. 

The thing I like about these photos is that it portrays the scenarios when women don't always feel their most beautiful. When you're on your period, no one feels glamourous, let's be honest. However, the message of these photos is that even at that time of the month, women and girls are still expected to look beautiful, even if they don't want to. I just think that the message of these is so great, one that we generally don't notice. We don't notice that we're expected to look attractive no matter what the situation. Yet we're here, putting on concealer to walk the dog. 
 I love how these photos are becoming so popular, and how the message is being spread. I love these photos and I love the photographer's creativity. I honestly love everything about this. I hope that it will spark some change in society. 

Eden xx

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