i'm a plant person now

Me, my mum and my sister went to IKEA the other day, to look at some wardrobes, and as we were leaving, I saw some cacti and just HAD to get them. I mean, look how cute they are! They look absolutely adorable on my windowsill, and will fit in perfectly when I redo my room. And what's more, they take hardly any maintenance. Really, I looked it up. So I have decided to share with you, how to look after your cacti

  • You don't need to water them in the winter - they only require watering between the months of March and September
  • When you do water them, give them one good watering a week where you need to make sure to thoroughly moisten the soil (moist ha)
  • It's best to water the plant in the morning or evening
  • If in doubt, don't water the plant
And that's literally it. All I did was search "how to look after a cactus" and after looking at a few websites, this was the gist of it all. I don't know if there's more to it than this, comment or email me if you do know, because I am all ears. I am a plant lover now.  

My cacti were from IKEA for £3. I really want some more and maybe a succulent as well! #iloveplants 

Do any of you have cacti? How do you look after them?

Eden xx

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