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If you haven't heard of the Library of Fragrance, then honestly I think you're missing out. I posted about the brand a while ago, when they kindly sent me a bottle of their Sex on the Beach perfume. If you don't know anything about the brand, then check out that post but to sum it up, the Library of Fragrance are a perfume brand which bottle a ton of unique and interesting scents, including Grass and Sunshine.

Recently, I received Mountain Air* which is one of the newest scents in their range. And I really like it. You know how it is this time of year, the same as it is for fashion, do I go for a deep, wintry scent like Black XS by Paco Rabanne (one of my favs) or do I break out the floral, spring scents like pretty much all of Marc Jacobs' collection. Well, I think you've found your fragrance!

This fragrance is musky (I love a nice musky perfume) yet you can still get hints of flowers in it. It's absolutely gorgeous and also unisex, so would make a great Mothers/Fathers Day present (as both of those are coming up soon!)
This is what they describe it as on the website:

Doesn’t air just smell of… well… nothing? We hear you, but that’s not quite the case. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to breathe the air of the mountains, you’ll know that it’s something quite special. Far away from the grind of cities, smog and traffic, the air of the mountains is crisp, clean, pure and cool with detectable notes of evergreen botanicals and – when the snow and ice is thawing – the distinctive ozonic scent of tiny, fragrant molecules from the plants and soil, being dispersed into the air by falling, crystal-clear droplets of water.
And for pretty much the first time ever for any perfume, I totally agree with this. When you smell it and then read this, you'll get me. Don't even ask my how it smells  of plants and soil, it just does. It's a feeling I guess.

I also feel as though this one lasts longer than the Sex on the Beach one, though maybe it's because its a much deeper scent - SOTB was very summery and fruity.

Overall, I'm really liking this scent, and I can totally see myself wearing it all month and then into April as well, because even though it'll be spring by then, I really want to get the best use of it. After April, I'm going to break out the Marc Jacobs (lol I don't even have one, I'll just steal my sister's)

What perfumes do you like to wear to bridge the gap between winter and spring. Because transition seasons are always the hardest.

Eden xx

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