the best of the activewear

Leggings - £15 / Sports Bra - £9 / Roll Neck hoodie - £25 / Sweatshirt - £22

Print Sports Bra - £9.99 / Purple Sports Bra - £9.99 / Sports Vest - £12.99 / Runner Shorts - £6.99

Sweater - £50 / Hoodie - £35 / Tank Top - £28 / Sports Bra - £28

To be honest, I talk about gym clothes much more often than I actually go to they gym. But how can I help it when all of these super cute workout collections have been released? No one looks their best when working out, but at least I can try with my clothes.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you'll have noticed the release of an activewear collection from three major clothes shops, Missguided, New Look and Topshop. And if I'm honest, I'm obsessed with activewear. How can you not be? So I felt like I just HAD to talk about them, and so here you have it. My favourite items from each of the collections.

I love love love the Missguided Active collection. Not only are the actual items themselves the absolute cutest, but on the website, they have tons of workout tips to help get you motivated. From a good playlist to the top fitspo instagrams, they literally do everything to help get you in the mood for exercise. And honestly, I need it most days. Once I've started I love working out, but it's getting started, especially after school when I'm tired and hungry. I love the patterns from this collection, and the fact that there's tons of matching bras and leggings, which I LOVE. There is honestly nothing more satisfying.

I adore the sports bras/ crop tops whatever you call it, from New Look. The vibrant colours, the patterns, they are just gorgeous! I feel as though the New Look collection focused on mainly bright, neon colours for their activewear, which I love! At the moment, I'm literally working out in all black because I haven't bought any new gym clothes recently, and I hate it! It's so boring! And then best thing about the New Look collection is that it's super affordable, as with most of the clothes from there. And when you're like me, super stingy with money, this is like a dream come true!

The Adidas Stellasport is probably a bit more high end and definitely more expensive, but I don't love it any less. The distinctive print is super nice, and I love the white theme going on. I mean, it's not all white, but I do love the white pieces especially. My absolute favourite piece is the hoodie. Don't ask me why, I just love it. I'm definitely getting my hands on it as soon as possible.

So anyway, those are my favourite pics from all of the newest activewear collections out at the moment. If only I had more money, I would own all the gym wear in the world. Cute gym wear is honestly going to become a problem to my purse. I don't even go to they gym ( I mainly workout at home) I just want to look cute.

What is your favourite activewear collection? Link me to some more!!!!

Eden xx

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