rimmel mascara

rimmel mascara

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I'm constantly on the hunt for a good mascara. I've tried and tested a couple of good ones, but I've never really found the ONE. I kind of don't want to. It's fun doing all of this trying and testing. I've always been a massive fan of Maybelline mascaras, if you've tried them (as most people have) you'll probably understand. But when my last one ran out. I decided to branch out, broaden my horizons, and give Rimmel a try. 

The one I picked up from Superdrug was the Rimmel Volume Flash x10 mascara in Extreme Black.  It was a pretty great price, at £5.99 and I thought to myself "extreme volume, that's exactly what I need!" You see, even though I'm lucky enough to have naturally black eyelashes, they're quite thin and very short. So, you know, I rely on mascara. 

My first impression of this was that it was clumpy. I tried it for the first time very quickly when I was just running out of the house, and it stuck my eyelashes together. They were voluminous, but that's because I had about 2 thick eyelashes. But, when I tried it again, I took my time and it actually worked really well. 

Applying it to the base of my lashes made them look so much thicker, and with just a single swipe upwards, they became so much longer. I wear about 2 coats to make the effect even better, but honestly, one is all you need. I'm actually really impressed. All I needed was to take my time. I would say that the main problem with this is that there always seems to be too much product on the brush. You know how the tube normally gets off all of the excess? Well this one doesn't seem to do this. This makes it quite difficult to apply cleanly. I really have to take my time to make sure my lashes don't clump. and on the bottom lashes, that it doesn't go all over my eyes. Once I got used to it, it worked really well, but just remember, take your time!!!

Overall, I really rate this mascara, such a good price and generally a really great product. In the future, I'm probably going to continue to veer towards the Maybelline ones, but this one will not be left out of the question!

What mascaras do you like to use?

Eden xx

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