Summer is just around the corner, and thanks to the gorgeous weather we've been having recently, I've never been more excited. Sure, I can go on and on about how much I love winter and I love cold days, but nothing will ever be able to compare to my love of summer, the warm breezes, the gorgeous sunshine, the excitement that builds as you know you're going on holiday soon.

But there's always a downfall. For a lot of us, including me, it's exam season. Be it GCSEs, A Levels, you name it, people are studying. It's been hard this past week. Even though I've been off school this week (and the week before, but let's not talk about that  (bad weather)) I've really been struggling to revise. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous!
But, as much as I can bask in the week long British summer (because this is probably the best it's going to get) I still have to revise if I want to pass my exams.

One of the key things for revision, in my opinion, is a good playlist. You want it to be good music, but not TOO good or you might just end up singing along instead of actually revising. Believe me, I'll find any excuse not to revise. Catch me staring out the window for two hours! At the beginning of my revision, I was really into instrumental, movie soundtracks, you know, like those really dramatic tracks from the background of Sherlock etc. They really motivated me for a while, but suddenly, they got boring. It's very wintery music to be honest.
But I'll tell you what I do like, especially with this weather. Tropical remixes. Don't ask me why, but they seem to do the trick of keeping me concentrated, whilst at the same time, keeping my mood high.

But they're not only good for revision! Honestly, I find them just good for when you need a mood booster. All I can think of is being lead on the beach, bikini and sunglasses on (properly sunscreened of course) and taking in that gorgeous Turkish sun (that's where I'm going this year) I love summer to be honest. SO I made a playlist of all of my favourite tropical remixes in the hope that I can enlighten all of you to this amazing phenomenon.

What do you think of these tropical remixes? What do you like to listen to when you revise?

Eden xx

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