fashion inspiration for a lazy writer

I am a lazy workaholic but apparently I'm supposed to look aesthetically pleasing.  

       Jacky here!  Now I'm a writer and I write for my own blog Do It For The Irony and contribute on various other blogs.  Including Eden's.  Hi Eden!  I am always writing and working so it's no surprise to me that my love for fashion faded.  I got lazy with picking out outfits and accessorizing.  Soon I just relied on sports shorts and baggy t-shirts.  Not very helpful to my outlook and creativity.
       But I've recently refound my love for it!  And now I'm making outfits all over the place.  What did it?  I simplified.  I bought clothing only from American Apparel and sold/donated the rest.  I got rid of prints that reminded me of specific moments in my youth.  It felt AWESOME.  So what did I do?  I bought clothing only from American Apparel.  Basics that were unique.  And I only wear that. It's really freeing and surprisingly you get to be SO creative with it!
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