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Hey um.  This isn't Eden.

       I will always remember Eden because she is one of the people who complimented my writing style.  I fangirled over her compliment.  This is Jacky from the creative lifestyle blog, Do It For The Irony.  I often dub it as for the future obsessed because I know that I + a ton of other ambitious young women are just total eternal go-getters!  I'm on a journey and I share what I learn over on my blog.  Anyways, Eden needed guest posts and you know what Eden is getting some guest posts. 
       Honestly, I can't wait for summer.  I'm going to be very busy and I'm not thinking about those times.  I'm thinking about the vibe and the times that I get to R E L A X.  I need to take a breath.  I bet you feel like you need a recharge.  Girl, same.  My breaks are going to be all about sitting, health, eating and friends/fam.  And the vibe is what this photoset is giving you.  Fresh and chill.  Take it all in.
Things I'm planning to do...
1.  Drink coffee.  -  I love coffee.  I love iced coffee right now and that's a total new thing to me.  Until a week ago I was a total hot-coffee-swear-by-it-or-don't-buy-it gal.  But now I like my coffee a lil chilly.  Idk. 
2.  Wear some flipping sunscreen. - I am in the sun 2 hours a day.  And not just some ooooh warmth.  Like BLAZING HOT SUN.  Life.  I need to start wearing sunscreen even though it is so expensive.  Goal: save for sunscreen.
3. Get rid of all my clothes. - I'm redoing my wardrobe.  I have stuff from 5 years ago. It seems like I won't be doing all that much.  But oh, it will be glorious. twitter / instagram

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