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Summer is so nearly here, I can almost taste it. I've only got two more exams and then I'm FREE for 10 weeks. And of course, summer means holidays, and this year, I'm heading to Turkey for a week, and lets be honest, one of the best things about going on holiday is SHOPPING! Which I've been doing a lot of recently, so I compiled a little wishlist of my fav beach dresses/ coverups ready for my holiday!!

  1. Monsoon (£49) The thing I love about this dress is the gorgeous print. I can just imagine myself walking down a beach at sunset, barefoot (but with those cute chain things on my feet) holding hands with my holiday fling who is in love with me, but in my eyes, he's just another boy on my long list of lovers (in my dreams) wearing this dress as it floats in the warm summer breeze. It's just so pretty!! Monsoon have a gorgeous beachwear collection, so many gorgeous prints, I definitely recommend that you check it out!

  2. Topshop (£36) I am loving yellow at the moment, it's one of those colours that just makes me feel happy. And I think it really compliments my skin tone, so shout out to all of my darker skinned ladies, yellow is definitely for you!!!! Also, you can't really see it in the picture, but there is some super cute applique around the waist, which I love. 

  3. Monsoon (£49) Like I said, I am LOVING Monsoon's beach collection! This tunic is so gorgeous, white is one of those perfect colours for when you're on the beach towards the evening, and you want to bring out your tan. And let's be honest, who DOESN'T look good in a tunic?

  4. New Look (£7.99)  Honestly, New Look is my love and my life. This dress is so cute and the print just makes me lust for the rainforest, Think this dress, some chunky hiking boots, you, your mates and a jungle guide in the Amazon jungle or something, just exploring, having fun. #summergoals amiright??? I just love it. 

So yea, summer I am ready for you! Like I've said various times, I definitely recommend checking out the Monsoon beachwear collection, there are some absolute gems in there you can find.

Where else can I find some gorgeous beach dresses?

Eden xx

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*in collaboration with Monsoon - all opinions are my own

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