sports chic

sports chic

Sports chic is one of my absolute favourite trends of all time. My entire wardrobe seems to revolve around it, from my endless love of trainers to my baggy jeans, it's just taken over my life. One of my favourite things about it is getting to wear a baseball cap. I just think they look effortlessly cool, especially if you wear them backwards. I really need to buy myself some more because I would get endless wear from them. 

For this look, I chose a Boston Red Sox baseball cap from Fanatics, which is a super great website that stocks loads of American sport themed clothes, from jerseys to hats, and is absolutely PERFECT for those who are as in love with sports chic as me. I liked this hat because, well, I'll be honest, I don't know much about sports. I just like to wear sports clothes. Boston Red Sox are pretty much the only sports team I've ever heard of, so I thought, you know what, I would wear the hat. Because that way, if anyone asked me about it, I could say "yeah..... they're a baseball team.....in America.....they're pretty good" Also, I love the colour - you just can't go wrong with navy!

So, continuing to channel my sports chic look, I chose Nike Roshes in black, classic, so they would be a great purchase - they'd literally go with anything. I would kill for a pair but alas, I'm cheap. And I paired them with these dungarees from Topshop. I'm so into dungarees, I have been since they came back last summer. I haven't got a pair of long ones yet, just shorts, but I will eventually! Imagine this pair rolled up at the ankles, so you can appreciate the shoes. And underneath the dungarees, I would wear a striped, oversized t-shirt, this one is from River Island. I just ADORE stripes. Probably my favourite pattern. But yeah, pairing all of this with a classic American baseball cap would be very sporty. 

I actually really love this outfit and it's something I am destined to wear one day in the hopefully near future. Maybe once I start my (first ever!!!) job and I'm earning some ca$h. What do you think of it? How would you channel your inner sports goddess?

love you all lots and lots

Eden xx

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