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It's been summer for me for a while now (since the 22nd of June to be precise) and I'll be frank - I'm bored. Yes, I've still got my holiday to look forward to, yes I have friends (contrary to popular belief) but yet I still find myself without motivation to get up in the morning. So, if I'm spending the next 5 weeks at home, I may as well do something productive. I've got summer work for school but let's be honest, I won't do that until the last week of the holidays. Well, it's more likely that I'll end up doing it all on the day before we go back to school, and I won't be able to get an early night because it's 11pm and I've only just remembered about it. So I may as well read.

I always seem to find myself reading books AFTER they have come out as films, e.g Harry Potter - I only read that when the 7th film came out, because my mum wouldn't let me go unless I'd read the books and all of my friends were going and I wasn't about to be left out. So I read the entire series. I'm your typical reader, I'll read mainly if I've heard that the book is good. I hate wasting my time reading a book that is rubbish. You know when you start a book, and it's really bad, but you continue reading it in the hopes that it gets better at the end, and then end up disappointed when it doesn't get better and then think of all of the other things you could have been doing in the time it took you to read that book? It can't just be me. Anyway, that's why I mainly read books that I've heard are good.

Books that come out as films tend to find their way onto my tbr list, because they must be good if they can make people sit down for 2 hours and watch the plot of the book right???? So if the film is out, I'm likely to read the book. I just finished Gone Girl, and I finally get why it was so hyped up!!! I might do a review of that actually. Anyway, that's why all of the books on this list are films.

  1. The Maze Runner by James Dashner - I've seen the film, and the film was good. I actually bought the entire series just before the film came out, and I was adamant that I was going to read the books before I watched the film, and I never got around to it. And then I watched the film because I got tired of waiting for myself. I've heard that the book is better than the film (as is usual) so I'm gonna give it a go 
  2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak - I've NOT seen the movie for this book because if I'm honest, it looked boring (correct me in the comments if I'm wrong!!!) but I saw this book in the local charity shop for like 20p and I thought to myself 'hey! this was a film! buy the book' and so I bought it and it has sat on my shelf for months. So I want to read it, and then maybe I'll watch the film
  3. Paper Towns by John Green - Obviously, when TFIOS came out, I LOVED it (though I still haven't seen the film) and then went out and bought as many more John Green books as I could afford (which turns out to be 2) As the months went by, however, I became so disinterested with JG's writing and let's be honest, it is fairly average. But with the new Paper Towns coming out, and my queen Cara D starring in it, I feel like I have to read this book so I'm gonna try at least. 
I'm so picky when it comes to books - I literally hate starting a new book, and if I actually go out to buy a book, I will literally spend an hour in Waterstones reading the back of every book to make sure I choose the right one. 

Anyway, it's my aim to read all of these books this summer, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up

What books are on your TBR list?

Eden xx

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