michael kors sunglasses

cheap michael kors sunglasses

There's no denying it, summer is officially here. And with summer comes sun. And with sun comes UV rays. We all know that UV rays can cause some serious damage to our skin, but did you know that it can also damage our eyes? You probably did, but there's nothing wrong with a little reminder. I just want all of you to stay safe out there. Now, considering that little fact, you might realise that you need to protect your eyes, which should be a given. But why can't we protect our eyes and still look amazing at the same time? 

cheap designer sunglasses

cheap michael kors sunglasses

discounted designer sunglasses

These are the newest addition to my ever growing sunglasses collection. These beauties are Michael Kors sunglasses*, and I got them for an amazing £50 from discountedsunglasses.co.uk. I am in LOVE with cat eye style sunnies this season, but I don't think the proper ones would suit me, you know the ones that have a super defined shape?? So I thought these ones were perfect, as they are only slightly cat-eyed, so I can look good and keep up with the trends at the same time. 
The website is absolutely amazing, you can get a MASSIVE range of designer sunglasses for great deals, from Calvin Klein to Gucci to Ray-Ban to Michael Kors, honestly girls, you will definitely find some sunglasses you like. 

The sunglasses are gorgeous, and came in a super cute case with a cleaning cloth and everything, so you can take them everywhere you go without having to worry about someone sitting on your bag and breaking them. Because trust me, that is the worst thing that could happen. Once, someone stood on my blazer at school and my keys stabbed into my phone screen, smashing it. I do not recommend that, especially to your designer sunglasses, even if you got them for cheap. Delivery is super prompt (and FREE in the UK) and there is honestly no fault to this site. The sunglasses are authentic to the best of my knowledge and are super great quality. 

I definitely recommend you check out this site, you will not be sorry. What style sunglasses are you looking for this summer?
Eden x

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