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Everything in the world always seems to revolve around the future. From the minute you enter year 9, everything you do becomes about the future. At 13/14, you're told to pick 4 subjects that will have an impact on what you'll be able to study later. At age 15/16, you have to pick the 4 subjects that will decide what you're able to study later. At age 17/18 you're asked to pick a course that will affect what your future job will be, how much money you earn, how the rest of your life will play out. It's frustrating, to say the least, that I'm only 16 but the decisions I've made will mean there are certain jobs that I'll never be able to have. I'll never have those broad horizons and endless opportunities that you see in the films. Life's just not that easy. But, I try not to let it keep me down. Yes, there are many things that I can't ever do now, but to me, that doesn't matter. I've had a focused life plan ever since I was 13 years old.

Whenever I tell things like this to my parents, they laugh at me. But I don't see why. There's nothing wrong with forward planning, having back up plans, and even then, you can still be spontaneous. I'm very uptight, so I like every little thing to be planned out. Ironically though, when it comes to blogging, I just post when inspiration strikes, but for every other aspect of my life, I prefer everything to be organised to a T. You know when you're just chilling about at home, and then your parents suddenly decide they want to go out. I hate that. If I'd have KNOWN that we were going out, I would have done more earlier on in the day, instead of just lazing around. I just hate it. I'm a pain to live with to be honest, but whatevs.

Anyway, regarding the future, I know exactly what I want. I want to be a pharmacist. I want to study pharmacy at university and work in a hospital. I've focused all of my A Level options towards this, everything I'm studying will come in useful in one way or another. So you may be thinking, what if everything goes wrong? Hm well, I haven't REALLY planned for that. The idea is that if I don't get my GCSE grades that I need to study Biology, Chemistry, Spanish and Maths, then I'll have to compromise. I've already taken French, so that's a given. Spanish, I'm not worried about, the exam was only worth 40% That's two options done. Then for the other two subjects, I'll take things that are new, like psychology or philosophy and ethics, If this is what happens, then I'll take modern languages at university, and become a teacher. But I haven't planned it out or anything ;)

The point I'm trying to make is that the future isn't so daunting when you know what you want to do. I know that a lot of people are still unsure, but when you start researching into the career paths available to you, you might be surprised. The future isn't such a scary thing, because you can tailor your life to ensure you get what you want. For example, I know I want to do pharmacy, so I've now got a job at my local pharmacy where I'm able to get a pharmacy qualifications kind of thing, that will hopefully help me into university. I'm only young, and I'm very nervous for the future, how could I not be? But my advice to anyone my age or younger is to do your research,. Find your interests, your skills and look at careers that will be good for you. And then maybe, you won't be so scared for the future.

I would love to hear advice about forward planning from you, if you have any. Leave it in the comments, and thank you for reading my constant stream of thoughts.

Eden xx

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