my eyebrow routine

eyebrow routine

Girl, let me tell you, my eyebrows are, in my opinion, the most important part of my face. If I was in a rush in the morning (which I NEVER am.....haha...ha)  and I only had time to do one part of my makeup routine, it would be my eyebrows. I feel like as soon as my eyebrows are filled in, my face just looks so much better. And you know what's weird? This time last year, I was convinced that my eyebrows were perfect, that I didn't need to pluck, fill etc, but now that I've started doing mine, not only can I not leave the house without doing them, but my collection of eyebrow products has grown beyond my reach. I can't stop buying new things for my eyebrows. I think I have an addiction. Anyway, let me just say, if you don't do your eyebrows, think carefully about whether you really need to start, because once you do, you'll never go back.

Anyway, the point of this post wasn't to share my personal troubles with my eyebrows, it was to tell you about how I actually make my eyebrows look slightly better than they did before. I'm honestly no expert at it. You know when you see people with a perfect shape, fade and colour. I am not that person. I do my brows so that they look a bit more full than they did before, and maybe sometimes, if it's been a good morning, they might have a bit more of a defined shape than they did before. So I guess in a way, you can call this the beginner's guide to eyebrows, because I still feel like a beginner myself.

brow pencil

So the first step in my eyebrow routine generally happens on a Sunday evening, and maybe an evening during the week, if I'm feeling particularly bored. I'll take my tweezers, which I actually bought from Wilkos for 50p, so...there's that. I really hate plucking my eyebrows because I am not that tolerant for pain. I cry every time. Well, my eyes water, but when my dad walks in on me at 10pm in my room in dim lighting, tears rolling down my face, it looks like I'm crying. I try to get my brows threaded once a month, so then all I have to do is tidy them up every week.

eyebrow routine
Obviously, then, I do the rest of my makeup in the morning. I start with my Soap & Glory Brow Archery pencil/brush (£8) and I brush them through into and arched shape, and then use the other end to just fill them in. I go from the part of my eyebrow nearest to the middle of my head, and work outwards. I always find it easier if I raise my eyebrows, to get a more defined shape. The only downside is that I look stupid whilst doing it.
Then I take my Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (£2.99) and outline my brows, to really give them the shape that I want. You really need to make sure it's sharp though, otherwise you end up with massively thick brows, and though it looks good on Queen Cara, it looks a mess on me. I then use the brush end of my Soap & Glory pencil to blend it all in, so you can't see the pencil lines etc.
Finally, just to set the pencil in place, and to just add a spot more colour and depth, I do a quick (and when I say quick, I really mean quick. No hesitation, or else my eyebrows turn black) brush with the Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel (£3.99)

Now, for the next step, there are two different things I do, depending on how I'm feeling/how much time I have. I like to highlight my eyebrows, again, to give them a more defined shape. Girl, you know I love a nice eyebrow shape!!! Before I decided to spend some good money on a brow product, I used my No7 Match Made concealer (which ironically doesn't match my skin anymore) I use an angled brush to apply it in the shape of my brow, and then blend it outwards. I usually then take the other end of the brush and wipe off any excess, so there's the tiniest bit left, but enough that my eyebrows be poppin. Nowadays, I use the Benefit High Brow Glow (£16.50) to do the same, but it's a lot less effort.

And to finish off the look, I step back from the mirror (and put my glasses on) and pull that face, you know which one I mean, where I pout my lips a bit and turn my head to the side. You know what I mean!!! And voila. Brows on fleek. (never let me say that ever again)

What products do you use on your brows?

Eden xx

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